SUGCON Europe 2023 speakers

  • Anastasia Plati

    Anastasia Plati

    Product Evangelist, Sitecore

    - Development Coordinator/Software Engineer
    - Joining Sitecore as Product Evangelist
    - Located in Athens, Greece

  • Andy Cohen

    Andy Cohen

    System Architect

    Husband, father, Sitecorian. Andy has worked at 3 Sitecore partners architecting and implementing Sitecore solutions. He is the co-architect of Experience Edge and XM Cloud Deploy at Sitecore.

  • Bart Plasmeijer

    Bart Plasmeijer

    Senior Cloud Architect @ Sitecore

    - As Senior Cloud Architect in the Platform Engineering department, I am responsible for shaping our SaaS product at a large scale. Container Technologies, Kubernetes orchestration, and the GitOps philosophy play an essential role in our continuous development pipeline.
    - Sitecorian
    - 2x Sitecore MVP (TECHNOLOGY)

  • Boris Brodsky

    Boris Brodsky

    Director of App Dev/Sitecore Architect at Avanade

    Boris is a Vison-Driven, highly innovative Digital Architect and Director of App Development at Avanade. He blends a combination of innovative technology platforms together with deep industry expertise to deliver immersive omnichannel experiences for his clients.

  • Chris Nash

    Chris Nash

    Digital Experience Strategist / RelevantEdge / Sitecore MVP

    Chris Nash is a marketer, technologist and Sitecore MVP who is constantly in search of the ultimate data-driven customer experience.

  • Chris Sulham

    Chris Sulham

    Solutions Architect, Velir

    Chris is a Solutions Architect with Velir based in Boston. He has over 14 years' experience developing solutions with Sitecore for a wide variety of customers, from small organizations to multinational corporations.

  • Christian Hahn

    Christian Hahn

    Freelancer Sitecore Consultant, Technical Solutions Architect @Sitecore

    I have been working with Sitecore for nearly 10 years now, implementing and planning customer solutions in various roles including as developer, architect and consultant, for agencies as Freelancer and also @Sitecore directly. During all this time I was able to take the opportunity to always think outside the box to broaden my horizons. I am always eager to challenge the software, especially new releases. I love to experiment with customer requirements build PoC and shares every outcome with the community, whether it's positive or negative.

  • Cormac Hampson

    Cormac Hampson

    Sr. Director, Pre-Sales, Sitecore

    Cormac is a Senior Director of Pre-Sales with Sitecore and worked as a Solution Architect with Boxever prior to its acquisition by Sitecore. With over twenty years experience in data and personalisation, Cormac has successfully led and grown enterprise consultancy teams for pre and post sales engagements in multiple industries. Cormac has an R&D background and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin.

  • Daniel DeLay

    Daniel DeLay

    VP of Development at Velir

    Meet Daniel DeLay, the versatile VP of Development at Velir. With a rich 19-year history at the company, Daniel has worn many hats, from Sitecore developer to architect to technology leader. He's a true Sitecore aficionado, having received 7 Sitecore MVP awards for his contributions to the platform.
    At Velir, Daniel is leading the charge for the future of Sitecore, guiding the company's roadmap for cutting-edge composable technologies and headless architectures. He's a thought leader in the industry, always exploring the latest trends in digital experience solutions and the impact they have on the ever-evolving technology and marketing landscape.
    When he's not working on his passion for Sitecore, Daniel brings his diverse background to the tennis court, where he's a force to be reckoned with. With degrees in Computer Science, Music Performance, and Music Therapy, it's no surprise that he's an all-around game-changer in his personal and professional life.

  • Daniela Militaru

    Daniela Militaru

    Sitecore, Senior Sales Engineer

    I am a technologist with 15 years experience in the industry, working with Sitecore for 10 years, starting as a backend Sitecore developer continuing as Team Lead, Technical Account Manager, Solution Architect and now an Engineer supporting the Sales team in Sitecore. I am passionate about community building and participatory democracy tools; I am a social justice (and environment) activist passionate about work for equality in all spheres of life.

  • David Millan

    David Millan

    Front-end Web Designer, Sitecore

    Coming from Boxever's acquisition, David now develops components and takes care of Sitecore's website front-end.

  • Dr. Tobias Schröder

    Dr. Tobias Schröder

    Senior Product Manager in B2B eCommerce

    Tobias has more than seven years of experience as professional full stack developer and product manager. After finishing his academic career with a PhD in dialog-based online argumentation, he decided to join in the mid of 2018. Since then, his colleagues and himself are continuously improving METRO's customer wholesale experience. His daily obsession is: Simplify everything while pushing cultural artifacts further. In his spare time he loves to write Clojure, stands in front of his barbecue or lifting dumbbells (or his body weight since COVID).

  • Ehsan Aslani

    Ehsan Aslani

    Valtech, Sitecore Practice Lead / Sitecore Solution Architect

    I'm currently working as Sitecore Practice Lead and Solution Architect at Valtech. During my career, I have been working as developer, team lead, team manager and architect, developing .Net solutions. In the recent years, I have been involved with Sitecore Solutions, few years working at Sitecore, in the Cloud team and also Sitecore Commerce Stroefront as Team Lead and the last 4.5 years I have worked with Valtech as Team Lead, Zone Architect, Program Architect and currently as Practice Lead, involved with implementing Sitecore solutions for corporates.
    In my free time, I enjoy learning about the latest AI technologies and experimenting with new ideas. I look forward to sharing my insights with the community and learning from others at the conference.

  • Elakkuvan Rajamani

    Elakkuvan Rajamani

    Senior Sitecore Developer, Valtech FR

    I am a Senior Sitecore Developer having 8 years of experience in the Web Development.

    I am currently working in Valtech France. I have experience working with different multinational clients like Loreal, Royal Canin, Walt Distney, Winn Dixie etc.,

  • Ezgi Gocucu

    Ezgi Gocucu

    Principal Product Manager, Content Hub ONE

    Sitecorian for 7 years, trying to figure out how to deliver the best content management experience to our users for the last 3 years :)

  • Gert Gullentops

    Gert Gullentops

    Senior Sitecore Developer

    I am a Sitecore dinosaur @TheReference in Belgium (an Epam company now). I became Sitecore certified in 2006 and am honored to be MVP since 2017. Most people know me as Gatogordo (the one with the cat avatar). For the Sitecore community I'm mostly (very) active on Sitecore StackExchange. I'm a regular speaker at SUGBelux and have presented sessions on Sitecore Symposium, Sugcon, Sitecore Virtual Developer Day and several (remote) user groups around the world.

  • Hande Bodart

    Hande Bodart

    Sitecore, Senior Product Owner

    Hande has 15+ years experience in building large scale content management platforms in international organisations. She joined Sitecore in 2021 as a Product Owner and is leading the implementation of Sitecore Content Hub ONE. She is passionate about agile software methodologies and has been practicing them since 2008.

  • Himadri Chakrabarti

    Himadri Chakrabarti

    Global VP of Technology, Nishtech Inc.

    Himadri Chakrabarti is the Global VP of Technology at Nishtech, Inc. a Sitecore Solutions Partner based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been developing software for more than 20 years. Himadri is a technology enthusiast and an 8 time Sitecore Technology MVP with extensive experience implementing online eCommerce and web applications utilizing Digital Experience Platforms. He regularly provides his insight about technology as a blogger and conference speaker. When he is not working with technology, he spends time on photography

  • Ishraq Al Fataftah

    Ishraq Al Fataftah

    Technology Evangelist @ApplezTech

    Ishraq Al Fataftah (@ifataftah) is the CTO at ApplezTech, a digital customer experience agency based in Amman, Jordan. Ishraq has played the roles of digital consultant, technology evangelist, solution architect and technical director during her 15 years in the industry. She has been named a Sitecore Technology MVP seven times and have been actively speaking and sharing knowledge at events and user groups.

  • Ivan Lieckens

    Ivan Lieckens

    Product Manager @ Sitecore

    Started out in Industrial IT studies, got involved in an agency and worked at one of the world's largest IT integrators where I helped build the Sitecore practice. Working with Sitecore since v6.5, 4 times Sitecore Technology MVP and currently Product Manager at Sitecore itself. Previously served as Solution Architect and Global EXM Solution Architect in Sitecore. Actively supporting the Community as MVP Coördinator for Benelux, France and Spain. Has cooperated on well over a hundred different client solutions big and small, onprem or in the cloud and in high security environments.

  • Jacqueline Baxter

    Jacqueline Baxter

    Senior Digital Strategist, Sitecore

    Jacqueline believes in building collaborative relationships and leveraging technology to positively transform people and businesses and has a range of experience implementing content and social media strategies, marketing automation plans, and conversion optimization tactics. An in-demand speaker at DX events around the world, she is a fan of social engagement and employee advocacy driven by high-quality, relevant content.

  • Jason Wilkerson

    Jason Wilkerson

    Principal Sitecore Architect

    Jason (@longhorntaco) is a Sitecore Architect and Consultant. From 2016-2022, he had the honor of being selected as a Sitecore Technology MVP, primarily due to his commitment to the Sitecore Community as a speaker, blogger and thought leader.

    Jason's passions lie deep in architecture and technology. With an unrivaled eye towards quality and elegance, he strives to make every customer's solution the most intuitive and maintainable it can possibly be - not only from a technical standpoint, but also from the user's perspective.

    With over two decades of experience building enterprise-class software, as well as leading teams of developers, project managers, business analysts and quality assurance testers, he's been able to assemble an impressive list of successful projects, leaving nothing but satisfied customers behind him.

    In his free time, Jason is also an avid singer, guitar player and bassist. From a very early age, the same passion that has driven him in technology, has driven his love for music and the honing of his talents.

    It is this creative outlet, he believes, that provides a unique perspective in the realm of technology. His training and education in computer science provides the foundation for the engineering side of software, but his creative nature serves as the backdrop for creating intuitive, user-centric, customer solutions.

  • Javi Velasco

    Javi Velasco

    Tech Lead at Vercel

    Javi Velasco is a Tech Lead and one of the early engineers at Vercel, where he works on the development of cutting-edge technologies to help developers create better web experiences. Before joining Vercel, Javi worked on several open source projects, including React Toolbox, a popular UI library for React applications.
    Javi is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events, where he shares his insights on React and edge computing, and other topics related to web development. You can follow him on Twitter at @javivelasco and connect with him on LinkedIn at

  • Jesper Balle

    Jesper Balle

    Solution Architect at Valtech

    Jesper Balle has been working with Sitecore for more than 12 years, engaged in large scale projects for both local and global clients. He has mentored many both colleagues and client’s developers through the time guiding them to utilize the features of Sitecore to simplify solutions.

    With a keen interest in containers and orchestration Jesper has also actively contributed both directly and indirectly to a lot of the work being done around Sitecore and Docker.

  • Katharina Luger

    Katharina Luger

    Solution Architect at Sitecore

    Katharina worked multiple years at a Sitecore partner architecting and implementing Sitecore solutions. Since 2022 she is part of the Professional Services team at Sitecore as a Solution Architect with focus on the Content and Engagement Cloud.

  • Kingsley Hibbert

    Kingsley Hibbert

    Sagittarius Chief Technology Officer, Sitecore Admirer and Tech Lover

    Kingsley is the current CTO at Sagittarius, a Sitecore Platinum partner based in the UK with teams globally.
    His background in software engineering spans over 20+ years where he's been hands on architecting and building just about anything and everything when it comes to digital and delivering for global brands.
    His passion is for building progressive, innovative and forward thinking teams.

  • Kiran Patil

    Kiran Patil

    Horizontal Digital - Group Technology Director

    Kiran has been working as a Group Technology Director with Horizontal Digital for the last nine years.

    For more than a decade, Kiran has developed premium quality experiences for end-users, specializing in Sitecore-based solutions for Fortune 100 clients.

    He is also one of the founders of Sitecore Usergroup India. He has developed eleven Sitecore Modules, Wrote 200+ blogs on his Sitecore blog ( For his continuous community efforts, Sitecore has recognized Kiran as Sitecore Technology MVP 10 times in a row.

    Kiran is also the first Sitecore CDP Certified developer in the world.

    Kiran loves to learn new technology, blog, read, travel, and explore nature.

    His mantra sums up his approach succinctly: “Stick to the basics!”

  • Klaus Petersen

    Klaus Petersen

    The Grand Old Sitecore MVP

    Driving Sitecore solution to the next level has been the joy of most of the professional life of Klaus Petersen. Klaus has a long tenure as a Sitecore Technology and Commerce MVP (10+ MVP awards recevied) and keeps bound at Sitecore solutions, customers as well as the Sitecore Product Teams to deliver valuable products that can fulfill the customer aspirations to build world-class experiences for customers.

  • Mark Lowe

    Mark Lowe

    Sitecore Architect

    Mark is a 6-time Sitecore MVP based in Switzerland. He has worked exclusively on Sitecore projects for over 10 years - initially at a large Sitecore partner and since 2016 as independent Sitecore Architect through his own company KeyCoders. He is also co-organizer of the Sitecore Usergroup Switzerland.

  • Martin Miles

    Martin Miles

    Sitecore Solution Architect

    A Sitecore Expert and .NET technical solution architect involved in the production of enterprise web and mobile applications, with 20+ years of overall commercial development experience. Since 2011 has been working exclusively with Sitecore as a digital platform. With good knowledge of XP and XC, took part in more than 20 successful implementations, producing user-friendly and easy-to-maintain systems for various end clients.

  • Masoud Ahmadi

    Masoud Ahmadi

    Backend lead at Valtech

    More than 5 years experience in Sitecore world and have been involved in some of the biggest Sitecore projects up to now. I have started with Sitecore 7 and now working with Sitecore 10.1 and have been part of development and upgrade of more than 10 Sitecore sites.

  • Mathew Evans

    Mathew Evans

    Sagittarius Agency, Solutions Architect

    I'm a Sitecore Architect with decades of building complex software applications and in the last 10 years purely focused on Sitecore products

  • Mike Edwards

    Mike Edwards

    I probably broke it.

    Mike has 15 years of Sitecore experience and 9 MVP awards. Recently he has made the move from traditional Sitecore development to headless and dived head first into the world of TypeScript, ReactJs, NextJs and more.

  • Nicky Vadera

    Nicky Vadera

    Solution Architect, Sitecore

    I am a Solution Architect at Sitecore, focussing on all things Content Hub.

  • Nicole Montero

    Nicole Montero

    Sitecore, Community Marketing Specialist

    As a Community Marketing Specialist, Nicole focuses on nurturing, engaging, and growing the Sitecore community. Throughout her two years at Sitecore, Nicole has assisted in several community initiatives, such as hosting the Get to Know an MVP podcast, planning Sitecore User Group Conferences and MVP Summits, managing the mentorship program, and more.

  • Niels Kühnel

    Niels Kühnel

    Chief Technology Officer

    Niels has been working with the Sitecore platform for more than a decade. For about five years he also designed significant parts of it. He has over 25 years of programming, data science and architecture experience. Currently he is partner in RelevantEdge, a platform providing integrated analytics by automating all the nitty-gritty parts of data modelling and keeping stuff in sync.

  • Pieter Brinkman

    Pieter Brinkman

    Vice President Technical Marketing @Sitecore

    Pieter Brinkman is a passionate leader and technologist with a diverse background in community building and developer relations. He’s been working as a lead developer, entrepreneur, technical marketing manager, and now as Vice President Technical Marketing at Sitecore. As Vice President Technical Marketing, he’s overseeing global strategy for the company’s developer relations go-to-market strategies and product marketing.

    His passion for getting organizations to think holistically about their technology solutions drives him to help organizations navigate the challenges of today’s ever-changing technology landscape. His goal is to help companies solve complex problems through innovative thinking and collaboration across disciplines.

    Pieter brings a unique set of skills that enable him to bring his vision to life by managing teams and projects effectively while helping them achieve real business results. He has a passion for public speaking to marketing, business, and technical audiences. He loves connecting with people on a personal level as well as sharing knowledge through his work!

  • Pushpaganan Nagarajan

    Pushpaganan Nagarajan

    Sitecore Developer @ Infosys

    Been around the IT industry for the past 7 years. Played different roles, Developer Trainee, Sitecore Developer and now Sitecore Lead Developer.

    Started working on Sitecore 6 years ago and have been thrilled and excited to be associated with a work in Sitecore.

    I blog @ as my way of contributing back to the Community that has helped understand the 0s and 1s of Sitecore back when I started.

    Been an active participant of various Webinars. Presented a couple of times in regional Sitecore user groups.

  • Ramkumar Dhinakaran

    Ramkumar Dhinakaran

    Global Sitecore Lead Developer

    I am a Sitecore MVP from Luxembourg with more than 10 years of Experience in Web Content Management and Digital Marketing.

    Currently working for Valtech, along these years - I have worked with different clients in various domains such as Insurance / Banking / Telecommunication / Healthcare / Automobile / Government / FMCG .

  • Rehan Saleem

    Rehan Saleem

    Product Manager at Metro Digital

    I am a product manager with 9+ years of experience in product discovery and delivery. After finishing my Masters in Information system, I have worked in B2C and B2B organisations as Product manager. My product team is currently building an e-commerce solution for 23 Metro countries to improve Metro's customers wholesale experience and transactional conversion. My passion is to combine Business, UX and Tech to create products which customers need. I love to golf, cook and spend time with his family of 4.

  • Richard Seal

    Richard Seal

    Sitecore, Lead Partner Technical Advisor

    Richard has extensive development experience spanning more than 20 years in the industry. Working with Sitecore since 2008, Richard has led many large scale implementations of Sitecore, more recently specializing in SXA, Headless and Jamstack. Richard recently joined Sitecore as a Lead Partner Technical Advisor.

  • Rick Bauer

    Rick Bauer

    Sitecore - Global Director of Customer Transformation

    Rick Bauer is a Sitecore marketing subject matter expert and strategist with a passion for driving digital marketing success through inspiration, enablement, and transformation across the globe. He has worked in marketing for 30 years, including 10 years of hands-on Sitecore experience across 100s of customers. Rick’s unique perspective includes the viewpoints as a Digital Marketer, Web Product Owner, Sitecore Partner SME, CMO, VP, 6x Sitecore Strategy MVP, and now a leader on the global Customer Transformation team at Sitecore.

  • Rob Habraken

    Rob Habraken

    Chief Technology Officer at We are you

    Rob is Technology Director and Senior Technical Consultant at iO, one of the leading digital agencies in the Netherlands. He has a passion for creation and technology, loves to learn, share, to challenge and to be challenged. With over 15 years of Sitecore experience, combined with his extensive knowledge of the Azure platform, he is a frequent speaker on events like SUGCON, the Sitecore Symposium and several Sitecore User Groups internationally. For his contributions to the Sitecore community, he has been awarded the Sitecore MVP award seven times in row.

  • Ruud van Falier

    Ruud van Falier

    Technical Director at Human Digital

    Six-time Sitecore MVP in a previous life

  • Sarah O'Reilly

    Sarah O'Reilly

    Principal Solution Engineer - Sitecore

    I work on the Sales Engineering - Strategic Product team at Sitecore, with PreSales specialists across the Engagement, Content and Commerce clouds to deliver cross product solutions to potential customers.

    Before the acquisition I worked in Boxever and as a Technical Partner Advisor delivering developer deep dives for our partners on CDP and Personalise.

  • Sebastian Winslow

    Sebastian Winslow

    Chief Technology Officer Denmark, Valtech

    Sebastian has been working with Sitecore for more than 15 years for both global and local clients. He has been MVP since 2009 (technology and ambassador respectively).

  • Sebastian Winter

    Sebastian Winter

    Senior Solution Architect at Sitecore

    Sharing knowledge about Sitecore since 2014. Most people know me from SXA related projects. 2 times MVP and Sitecore Employee since 2019.

  • Sheetal Jain

    Sheetal Jain

    Sitecore Practice Lead, Horizontal Digital

    7X Sitecore MVP and over 10 years of experience in delivering Sitecore Solution for forture 500 companies

  • Steven Davis

    Steven Davis

    VP of Engineering for Commerce and Creator of the OrderCloud Product

    16 years of employment with Four51 before acquisition. Held the title of CTO at Four51 and now VP of Engineering for Commerce at Sitecore. Also leader of Sitecore Innovation Council.

  • Szymon Kuzniak

    Szymon Kuzniak

    Senior Sitecore Developer at ACTUM Digital

    Working with Sitecore for more than decade (I still remember verision 6.6). After release of the SXA focused on working with this module, now bravely exploring Content Hub. You can sometimes hear me speak at SUG Poland.

  • Thomas Stern

    Thomas Stern

    Pentia, Architect

    Thomas is a highly skilled solution architect with a strong background in cyber security. With 15 years of experience, Thomas has gained valuable skills and knowledge through professional development opportunities, certifications, training courses. In his current role as solution architect, Thomas is responsible for managing security infrastructure, conducting risk assessments, educating colleagues on best practices.

  • Timothy Marsh

    Timothy Marsh

    EPAM Systems - Solution Architect

    Tim has over 12 years of experience in successfully delivering digital solutions to large enterprise organizations, and 8 years of architecting global Sitecore solutions. Tim has spent the last 2 years architecting Content Hub projects at EPAM globally.

  • Ugo Quaisse

    Ugo Quaisse

    Sitecore MVP 2021 - 2022, Sitecore Practice Lead.

    Ugo is leading the Sitecore Expertise at Valtech France and he is Sitecore MVP Technology 2021. He has more than 18 years of experience in digital and he’s evolving into Sitecore ecosystem since 2014.
    He joined Valtech France in 2018 as Project Director and Business Analyst. He has a strong technical background in web development and cloud architecture. Ugo is able to support all stakeholders, creatives, marketers, analytics, developers to help them building together the best-in-class Sitecore implementation.
    Before joining Valtech, Ugo worked as a consultant for various clients and industries mainly in Europe and Middle-East. With an entrepreneurship mindset, he also successfully launched innovative digital products in the real estate market between 2007 and 2015.

  • Vaishali Dialani

    Vaishali Dialani

    Customer Experience Analyst at Konabos Consulting

    Strategy-driven customer experience professional for 5+ years, recognized for creating human-centred design systems for complex digital products and leading marketing initiatives across diverse industries from advertising, education and fintech.

    With a collaborative mindset to make a difference, Vaishali loves to understand customer needs, map out across-the-board customer journeys, be the voice of customers and develop effective operational processes to drive customer adoption and business success.

    Recognized as CXPA’s emerging leader 2022, she is believes in the power of making customer experiences simple and seamless.

  • Vasiliy Fomichev

    Vasiliy Fomichev

    Sitecore MVP, Sr. Director, Solution Architecture at Altudo

    Digital technology practice director, visionary, radical, yet open-minded and people-focused leader specializing in delivering solutions with Sitecore Content Hub, Sitecore Experience Platform, Sitecore Experience Commerce, artificial intelligence, cloud, and Blockchain. 7x Sitecore MVP with over 13 years of experience during which Vasiliy developed and managed four Sitecore practices.

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