SUGCON Europe 2024 Sessions

  • Elevating Digital Experiences with XM Cloud in the DXP Landscape,

    Join Pieter, VP of Product Marketing & Developer Relations, as he unveils how XM Cloud, Sitecore's flagship product, is strategically redefining the digital landscape.

    Experience live demonstrations, delve into the user-friendly interface, and explore the latest features of XM Cloud.
    Gain exclusive insights into its ongoing developments, from success stories to future-forward strategies.

    This keynote is your gateway to valuable insights into the industry of CMS and DXP, and the future of digital marketing.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Thu 1:45 pm - 2:15 pm
  • The Future of Developer Experience (Working Title)

    We will dive into the changing landscape of development in a hybrid headless, AI-augmented, composable ecosystem. I'll be covering upskilling on new stacks, AI tools and the expectations a developer community should have for SDKs, starter kits and documentation.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Thu 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
  • Achieving Behavioral Personalization with XM Cloud Plus

    Are you currently using XP and Pattern/Profile Cards? If yes, then I'll show you some cool ways to set up XM Cloud with Personalize and Search for different behavioral personalization strategies in this session. We'll discuss a use case where you can achieve pattern card matching using XMC with Personalize. Then, we'll dive into how you can leverage Sitecore Search and its affinity scores to take it even further. This topic will show how you can achieve both of these strategies for your customers, so they can also get up and running with these strategies.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Thu 3:25 pm - 4:10 pm
  • The trifecta of a successful Sitecore project

    Collaboration and working together are key to the success of any project. Beatrice and Tim want to take you on a journey that they have been on with a customer. The session will be anonymous of customer name however they are everywhere and you interact with them without even knowing when attending events, travel or hospitality anywhere around the world.

    Imagine for a minute though that the customer not only has a global reach, but they also have multiple Sitecore products for Content, Search, Digital Asset Management, Menu Production, and information. The customer has massive ambitions and we want to deliver their dreams, while also being realistic and consulting with them on better options. Success comes in many forms but for this customer, it was a highly responsive ecosystem that can scale to global demand.

    This journey has been an exciting roller coaster with its ups and downs, however, the one part we could work together on was clear communication and accountability. The session will give a background on the project and what the goals were. Then we will openly talk about the challenges we faced with working business-critical operations and SaaS solutions, primarily about customer perceptions vs legacy solutions. During this session we want to share our experience with the community, on how to put together the right framework from kick-off to delivery when working with Sitecore, leveraging the right support ecosystem and we will share insights as to how to work together between partner, vendor and client to ensure that we provide the best experience for our customers.

    Finishing up with the happy ending where we explain what the status is right now and where the next stop on this journey is. We learned a lot of lessons and want to share with the community how we communicated clearly, were transparent, also when and how to engage properly. The best part is the projects are successful and deliver real digital transformation.

    Beatrice is a Manager – EMEA Customer Success at Sitecore and works closely with Sitecore customers on a daily basis. Tim is a Senior Technical Consultant at EPAM and Sitecore MVP working on Sitecore projects globally.

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Thu 3:25 pm - 4:10 pm
  • Can we build a Large Language Model for Sitecore?

    Anyone who's used ChatGPT/OpenAI to assist in Sitecore development will know, it has limitations. Part of the problem lies in the training of the LLM - the current models are being trained on Sitecore development practices that are no longer current.

    Can we build our own (Open Sources) LLM for Sitecore development? And if so, can we train it to be better?

    Come find out!

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Thu 4:40 pm - 5:25 pm
  • Journey to the Other Side: Transitioning to Sitecore Nextjs Framework

    In this session, we'll spotlight our journey as developers and architects in transitioning from a familiar development platform to a new one, keeping sustainability and quality in focus. After numerous projects (websites, portals, multisites, new builds, migrations), we've gained extensive experience with the Sitecore Nextjs framework by Sitecore. We're not just celebrating; we want to take you through our journey, sharing in a fun, engaging way our encounters and resolutions. We'll discuss real challenges and solutions. We have a clear vision for our architecture, successfully applied in our projects.

    Through this presentation, our aim is to encourage others to confidently transition to new technologies. Acknowledging that 45 minutes isn't sufficient to delve into every detail, we'll offer a compact overview, focusing on the most critical aspects of our journey.

    Topics include:
    - establishing robust architecture for Nextjs applications
    - implementing a design system across projects or company-wide
    - deployment strategies under restrictive company policies, including self-hosting
    - and there's much more.

    Breakout Room 1 - Nally Suite
    Thu 4:40 pm - 5:25 pm
  • Delivering Unforgettable Customer Experiences: Mastering CX and Personalization with Sitecore

    In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are faced with the challenge of creating personalized and seamless customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. Customer experience design is an area of ongoing debate as it relies heavily on customers' perceptions of their experience with a brand. However, it is crucial for businesses to prioritize customer experience in order to stay competitive.

    During this session, we will explore the key principles of customer experience and how Sitecore enables businesses to craft exceptional experiences across various touchpoints. We will delve into the advanced features of Sitecore that enable businesses to understand customer needs, preferences, and behaviours. By harnessing these features, organizations can create personalized content, recommendations, and offers that cater to different customer segments, resulting in truly unique experiences.

    Through real-world examples and best practices, we will showcase how Sitecore, as part of the Composable DXP landscape, empowers businesses to excel in delivering unforgettable customer experiences. We will cover various aspects, including building customer journey maps, creating a tone of voice, building an emotional connection, implementing personalized touchpoints and so much more. By the end of the session, you will gain practical insights and actionable strategies that can be applied within your own organization to enhance customer experiences and drive business success through data-driven decisions.

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Thu 4:40 pm - 5:25 pm
  • It is all about APIs

    Composable and headless Sitecore products offer developers unprecedented levels of extensibility and customization. This session explores the transformative potential of these approaches, focusing on how APIs enable developers to build their own tools, user interfaces, and integrations. We will delve into the core concepts of composable and headless architecture, showcasing their benefits and real-world applications. Through practical examples, participants will learn how to leverage APIs to create tailored solutions, empowering them to unlock the full potential of composable architectures.

    By attending this session, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of available APIs and their potential to unlock new levels of extensibility. They will leave with practical insights on leveraging the following APIs:
    -Sitecore XM Cloud (both Deploy and Management)
    -Sitecore Send
    -Sitecore CDP/Personalize
    -(and more)

    for product-specific tasks as well as combining them to orchestrate the composable.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Thu 5:35 pm - 6:20 pm
  • Retail Order Management - the real examples

    Join Klaus Petersen, pronounced Sitecore and e-Commerce expert in discussing the requirements, needs and solutions for supporting a retail business on omnichannel e-commerce.
    We will discuss both the best practices for Retail e-commerce - and you will see solutions to both in-store as well as central management of a retail-oriented e-commerce solution based on Sitecore Order Cloud

    Breakout Room 1 - Nally Suite
    Thu 5:35 pm - 6:20 pm
  • AI: The Ultimate Easy Button - Revolutionizing Marketing Strategy with Sitecore Content Ops/Connect

    As marketers mature into omnichannel personalization, content needs increase exponentially. Along with the content itself, the complexity of an agile and robust strategy is critical. This session will explore how AI can revolutionize Sitecore Content Operations, offering an "Easy Button" for marketers. We will demonstrate seamless integration through Sitecore Connect, allowing for the straightforward setup, scheduling, and definition of annual marketing strategies.

    This session is for Marketers and developers seeking to leverage AI within the Sitecore ecosystem for enhanced efficiency and strategic advantage.

    Session Goals:
    • To illuminate the transformative impact of AI on Sitecore Content Operations.
    • Provide a roadmap for marketers to adopt and utilize AI in their strategies easily.
    • Further demonstrate the power of Sitecore Connect to the Sitecore community.

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Thu 5:35 pm - 6:20 pm
  • Unveiling the future of Platform DXP and Managed Cloud

    With the imminent releases for Sitecore's Platform DXP and Managed Cloud we are excited to share with you what we have been working on.

    Also, get an exclusive glimpse into the future of Sitecore's Platform DXP and Managed Cloud products as we unveil our exciting roadmap for upcoming releases.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 9:00 am - 9:45 am
  • Building for Resiliency

    So just how should we build for composable?

    Using the architecture of XM Cloud itself as a case study - we will showcase how we built it for resiliency - talking about key technologies and event driven microservices.

    This session is geared towards the developer who is not sure where to start. We will walk you through how XM Cloud went from ideation, to POC, to early access and general availability.

    How do you make sure your services are available?

    How do you determine when they are not?

    How do you deal with dependent system?

    How do you handle faults?

    What needs to be available and what doesn't?

    What even determines availability?

    The answers to these questions are not always straight-forward. We will help you break it down and build on from what we have learned.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 9:55 am - 10:40 am
  • Seamless Evolution: Transitioning from SXA to the Headless SXA

    Addressing the complexities associated with migrating from an existing MVC SXA implementation to a Headless SXA implementation is crucial, particularly when dealing with multiple sites and languages. This presentation aims to provide insights into the incremental migration process, enabling a seamless transition without the need for a disruptive big bang approach.

    Key considerations include the handling of data migration, a common concern for those heavily invested in their current SXA MVC implementation. The presentation will showcase practical solutions, leveraging PowerShell scripts to streamline the migration process. Join us as we share our journey and valuable lessons learned in moving from SXA MVC to the Headless SXA architecture.

    Breakout Room 1 - Nally Suite
    Fri 9:55 am - 10:40 am
  • Scaling Personalization to Mass Proportions in Record Time

    Personalization is an expectation in today's digital world. Basic personalization is no longer a competitive advantage; it is needed to simply be noticed. The pressure of competition means that companies no longer have the luxury of taking the traditional crawl-walk-run approach to personalization. They have to take a leap forward and scale as quickly as possible within the web and other digital channels. Many brands have failed at personalization because it requires a change across processes, people, culture, and tooling to remain sustainable and deliver consistent value.

    In this session, you will learn how to start, rapidly ramp up, and scale personalization in digital and across the organization based on real-world examples and case studies with real results. You will get the blueprint for a solid start, rapid scale of personalization, process shortcuts, experimentation methodologies, templates, calculators, and tools to bring your organization up to speed with the digital natives. Learn from the experience of global digital leaders and the business strategy methodology taught at Stanford University. Become aware of mistakes, pitfalls, shortcut straight to activities delivering the highest value, and turn personalization into your competitive advantage.

    Topics covered:

    1. Basic personalization concepts
    a. Ad hoc and predictive personalization
    b. Explicit and implicit personalization
    2. Going intermediate
    a. AI-based personalization
    b. Micro-personalization and hyper personalization
    c. Experimentation as the foundation of personalization
    3. Advanced personalization & experimentation
    a. Changing the company culture from KPIs to compensation
    i. Tools, methodology, case study
    b. Creating a self-sustainable experimentation idea generation engine
    i. Idea intake methodologies
    ii. Selecting the right tests: value calculation, scoring methodologies (ICE, RRW), the logic argument (taught at Stanford), cost calculation to avoid experimenting out of budget.
    c. Experimentation automation
    d. Experimentation and personalization distribution to the rest of the organization to massively scale to hundreds and thousands of personalization scenarios
    4. Turning a website into a living product and avoid costly redesigns

    This is a practical session based on real world learnings. The attendees will "stand on the shoulders of digital giants" and learn the material that is taught at the best business schools in the US trimmed to remove theoretical low ROI activities and combined with first-hand learnings to deliver a pragmatic practical guide to the shortest path to starting and scaling personalization and turning into a self-sustainable continuously evolving and improving competitive advantage.

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Fri 9:55 am - 10:40 am
  • Sitecore Headless Software Development Kit for Astro

    The goal is to present an alternative for building Sitecore Headless sites: Astro web framework.

    The plan is to:

    1. Review the current Sitecore headless development state
    2. Describe what Astro is and why it may be a good fit with Sitecore
    3. Demo the development with Astro

    When you start building the Sitecore website in 2024, there is a 90% probability that you will choose Next.js. It skyrocketed in 2023 in the Sitecore world. And it looks like there are no alternatives to it.

    Next.js is awesome. I enjoy working with it. Next.js Static Site Generation SSG with Sitecore revolutionized Sitecore development. But is it the best fit for all websites? Is it a silver bullet for web development? No, it is not. Next.js is a React framework. It depends on React. React is a library for web user interfaces. React fits well for interactive web applications. But, not every Sitecore website is a web application. The popularity of Next.js SSG proves it. You don’t need Next.js SSG if your website is a “web application”. If you need SSG then your website is probably just a “website” and you don’t need React for each component on a page. It means that we probably need to step back and choose the proper tool for building “websites”.

    Here we come to Astro. Astro is a web framework for content-driven websites. A major part of Sitecore sites are content-driven. It could be a perfect match.

    Astro has next benefits:

    - Speed - Astro is statically and server-rendered by default. It is hard to build a website with Astro which will be slow.
    - UI agnostics - There is a default components format .astro. But you still can use React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, etc.
    - Islands architecture - Islands optimize your website as no other web framework can. You can mix static, server-rendered, and client-rendered content in one page.
    - Easy to use - The Astro template engine is simple and looks like plain HTML.
    - Content-focused - Astro was designed for building content-rich websites.

    We developed a fully featured JavaScript Software Development Kit (SDK) for Astro. It has all the features that the official JSS SDK for React/Vue/Angular has. It is production-ready.

    It is not that hard to develop your own JavaScript Sitecore SDK for the framework of your choice. The core library `@sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss` will remain the same for all frameworks. The minimum required set of features will be components factory, placeholder, fields, and editing API.

    A demo will include

    - Initialization of project
    - Creating(or editing existing) component

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 11:15 am - 12:00 pm
  • "Buy 'Til You Die" modeling with Sitecore CDP/Personalize/Send/XM Cloud

    The "Buy Till You Die" (BTYD) statistical models aim to understand the behavior of non-contractual customers or situations when the company is not able to directly observe when a customer stops being a customer of a brand.
    This session explores less popular features of Sitecore CDP/Personalize that provide significant business value and can address some BTYD problems such as Revenue Forecasting, Churn Prediction, and Customer Retention.
    The presentation covers the entire process, demonstrating Customer Behavior prediction using Sitecore CDP and retention/re-engagement strategies with Sitecore Personalize/XM Cloud/Sitecore Send.
    Different approaches will be showcased, depending on available Sitecore products (XM Cloud Embedded Personalization vs. Sitecore Personalize, Sitecore Connect vs. custom middleware, etc).

    Breakout Room 1 - Nally Suite
    Fri 11:15 am - 12:00 pm
  • Modular content design in XM Cloud

    Modular content design is essential for creating higher quality, stickier web content. When combined with a composable martech stack it’s a gamechanger for marketing teams, improving the speed of operations and extending the content lifecycle. Using XM Cloud, Content Hub DAM, and CDP, this presentation will illustrate:
    • How using a modular content design approach together with XM Cloud can futureproof a website and lay a strong foundation for scalable marketing campaigns and higher conversion.
    • Where composable tools like DAM and CDP complement and enhance modular content design.
    • Opportunities for modular content design to improve message consistency and increase engagement across channels and web pages.

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Fri 11:15 am - 12:00 pm
  • 15 Configuration Tricks in 15 Minutes

    Become a Sitecore configuration ninja before you finish your coffee. In this fun and breezy talk, we'll take a tour of all those capabilities we run into but don't quite know what they do, those "sc.variable", "ref" and "hint" attributes, environment variables, dependency injection and the Factory. For each feature, we'll show the syntax, why it's there, and how you can use it. You'll see ShowConfig in a whole new light after this session.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 12:10 pm - 12:25 pm
  • Localizing Products At Scale - Case Study

    What would you do, if you had to translate thousands of products to multiple languages? Well, if you happen to have all your product data in Sitecore Content Hub and leverage Azure AI-based translation services, it shouldn't be a problem! Join me on a short journey through our ups and downs when implementing this integration, in just a few weeks, and see whether Sitecore Content Hub was an obstacle on our way or rather a shortcut.

    Breakout Room 1 - Nally Suite
    Fri 12:10 pm - 12:25 pm
  • I have XM Cloud why do I need Personalize?

    An overview of the capabilities of XM Cloud when combined with Sitecore CDP and Personalize. Unlock customer data and expand the possibilities of personalisation across web, mobile app, email, SMS.. the possibilities are endless.

    - Show custom personalization rules in XM Cloud
    - Show consistent personalization in XM Cloud and via email
    - Easily leverage CDP data in XM Cloud

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Fri 12:10 pm - 12:25 pm
  • Risk scenarios and how to secure webhooks in XM Cloud using Auth0 by OKTA

    Securing webhook using authentication is the process to identify the legitimacy of webhook requests. Without proper authentication, the system is left exposed to potential data breaches, unauthorized actions and exploitation by ill-intentional actors. Hence, ensuring robust webhook authentication is non-negotiable. In this session I will showcase how to secure Sitecore webhook using Client Credentials grant, configured using Auth0 by OKTA.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 12:30 pm - 12:45 pm
  • How to build a Low Code/No Code OrderCloud Backoffice Application

    We all know and love how flexible and robust OrderCloud is and how it can support the most complex of eCommerce organizations. While it is super developer-friendly it lacks the pretty Backoffice the business are accustomed to for managing their commerce stores. In this session, I will demonstrate a low code / no code solution that allows you to quickly and easily build out an internal business application to manage all your OrderCloud data

    Breakout Room 1 - Nally Suite
    Fri 12:30 pm - 12:45 pm
  • Sitecore & AI - The Perfect Match

    There's no doubt that pairing AI with Sitecore is a match made in digital heaven. Automation and increased efficiency will make your life a breeze. Join me as I unveil how ACTUM Digital sprinkled Sitecore projects with a dash of AI magic – envision an Automatic Translation Tool integrated into Sitecore Content Hub, a Chatbot jazzing up the ACTUM XP website and much more. This isn't just a talk on UX improvements; it's a Tinder date with digital innovation you don't want to miss!

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Fri 12:30 pm - 12:45 pm
  • Composable Search with Edge Webhooks and GraphQL

    How can we get our Sitecore content into a external search provider without a ready-made connector? Let's do some composition with our composable stack! In this session, we'll review setting up a search provider using Experience Edge Webhooks to trigger indexing and GraphQL API to crawl our content. All in just 15 minutes!

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 12:50 pm - 1:05 pm
  • Mastering Loyalty Programs with Sitecore OrderCloud

    This presentation focuses on the importance of loyalty programs in e-commerce and how to effectively implement them using OrderCloud. The core of the talk will be an in-depth look at OrderCloud's features like Spending Accounts, Promotions, and User Groups, and how these can be utilized to build a robust loyalty program. A part of this session will be a case study demonstrating how User Groups, Promotions, and 3rd party loyalty service can be combined to create an effective loyalty system, including technical insights into coding and promotion setup.

    Breakout Room 1 - Nally Suite
    Fri 12:50 pm - 1:05 pm
  • Speed-running Sitecore XM Cloud: The 6 Sections You Need To Know

    With XM Cloud being the hero tool of the Sitecore ecosystem there are still many current clients and partners currently focusing on Sitecore XP and unaware of how XM Cloud actually works from a practical level.

    With this lightning talk, I aim to demystify the different sections of XM Cloud and take the audience through a handful of quick ‘How To’ walkthroughs of the main modules as outlined below for between 2-3 minutes each:

    1. Finding your way around the Cloud Portal and Dashboard (Sites, Tools, Settings etc.)
    2. Designing Pages
    3. Building Components
    4. Managing Content with Content Explorer
    5. Personalising content
    6. Analysing

    After the talk, viewers should have a rough idea of how XM Cloud works and be familiar with the main sections.

    This concept is similar to the Sitecore Send ‘Speed-run’ webinar that I did for the SMAC channel last August, a version of which I presented to Sagittarius internally and can be viewed here –

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Fri 12:50 pm - 1:05 pm
  • A Game of Publishing: Sitecore's Publishing Vision

    The Game of Publishing is a complex ecosystem where all are vying to influence who will be the (content) king in front of your end-users. State, Restrictions, Security,... There's equally many strategies to become that (content) king such as static, incremental, ad-hoc... And the pawns on the board of this Game involves the likes of Sites, Pages, Components and Data as they try to all be part of the final establishment, be they local or foreign.
    In this session we look at the topic of "Publishing" in its entirety and what Sitecore's vision and strategy is moving forward on these topics. All to ensure that at the end of the Game, there's one king that rules them all that we all cheer for.

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 2:20 pm - 3:05 pm
  • Optimizing for Headless: SEO Tips, Tricks, and Special Considerations for the New Composable World

    One of a marketer's worst nightmares is launching a gorgeous new website and watching in horror as the page rank and traffic plummet- something that can take a lot of time and work to recover from. With the dawn of Headless Architecture and Composable DXPs, the rules of optimizing a site have fundamentally changed. It's crucial for both marketers and developers to understand how to maximize search engine page rank, site speed, performance, organic traffic, and user satisfaction. Headless is truly a game-changer with a lot of SEO upsides and crazy fast Lighthouse speeds. Now it's time to revisit and modernize the guidelines and best practices we’ve been implementing for years. I will also share what you need to know for successful SEO when you build with Sitecore’s DXP products like Content Hub DAM, Content Hub One, Personalize, Order Cloud, and more.

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Fri 2:20 pm - 3:05 pm
  • Headless SXA vs XM Cloud Component Builder – a rock off

    Components are the visual reusable building blocks to define your website layout. Sitecore's drumming up a new way to build components in XM Cloud.

    Join the rock-off of the year! A merciless competition of two strong opponents. In the right corner we have the mature component building framework: “Headless SXA” that has proven its strength over years. In the left Corner, a young challenger that is conquering its space rapidly: The “XM Cloud Component Builder”.

    Which solution is the best for your project and wins the hearts of your users? How do the features “Bring Your Own Code” (BYOC) and Custom Styles push the limits of the Component Builder? And will this be enough to win this rock-off?

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Sitecore Search in the world of NextJs and DevOps

    Seek and you shall find - knowledge, fun and good company. We invite you to join us on our further quest exploring Sitecore Search. this time we will do it with a focus revolving around NextJs and DevOps. About a year ago in Malaga we presented search having worked with it merely as a PoC. This time we leverage and share the experience and learnings we have gotten from real case work with the product.

    Having worked with the Sitecore Search we have experienced that it can be utilized in both a monolith and a composable solution and with the SDK components you can easily get both visitor site wide search and other content aggregations.

    One challenge is that configuration is now in a different component, but modern APIs allow us to integrate this in for instance deployment pipelines

    In this session we will:

    - look into some UI components and their use
    - explore the APIs of Sitecore Search
    - integration Sitecore Search with XM
    - extend the Search SDK UI components
    - manage search configuration as code

    Breakout Room 1 - Nally Suite
    Fri 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm
  • A Generative AI Future: Sitecore's content and DX Journey with Gen AI and LLMs

    This session will highlight practical AI utilizations in content operations and digital experience, backed by real-world examples. It will focus on practical use cases from media recognition and smart search to personalization, content innovations, and AI in commerce.

    We will spotlight Sitecore's strategic shift towards Generative AI, showcasing how this technology is reshaping content operations and digital experiences. Attendees will journey through the art of the possible with Sitecore and Generative AI, gleaning insights from analyst reports, product and engineering use cases, and illustrations from real-life Sitecore workshops including the delivered workshop: UNVEILING THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL MARKETING USING AI

    The session concludes with an overview of Sitecore's vision and strategy for Generative AI, emphasizing collaboration with partners and the community to drive innovation and fill market gaps.

    Join the dynamic duo, Ahmed Elyamany and Surya Shanmugam, as they unveil the transformative role of Generative AI in Sitecore's suite. Ahmed, with over 20 years in tech solutions and a passion for Gen-AI, alongside Surya, an adept product marketer with a keen understanding of user engagement from his experience running a fantasy football blog, will guide you through AI's pivotal role in Sitecore's applications

    Breakout Room 2 - Davin Suite
    Fri 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm
  • How we migrated 7 sites in 6 weeks to XM Cloud and Netlify

    We started at different points of implementation (XP 10.3, XP 10.1, JSS and MVC, etc.) and want to walk you through our path of migrating multiple existing XP sites to XM Cloud and Netlify. We talk about the plans we made, the challenges we ran into, the plans we remade and our lessons learned. Learn how we worked with complex requirements like forms, 3rd party system integrations, personalization and take our guidance on the hurdles we faced like publishing issues and editing in Sitecore Pages.
    Join us on an adventurous journey on our way to XM Cloud!

    Plenary Room - Hogan Mezzanine
    Fri 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm
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